Engaging the whole human for extraordinary success AND a happy planet!

The Prana Partnership is a Consulting and Coaching practice based in the San Francisco Bay Area in the field of Human Development and Culture & Leadership Transformation. We believe that the time has come for workplaces to go beyond offering "jobs" and "careers" to offering “meaning” , "purpose" and "fulfillment". We are now well and truly in the post-industrial age. This is the knowledge economy. The concerns of industrial economy were efficiency and control. We used to hire hands and heads. Employees were units of production. Things were stable. The concerns of the knowledge economy are creativity, passion and adaptability to rapid change. We now need to inspire hearts, engage heads and strengthen well-being. Employees are stakeholders who generate the future with their ideas and perseverance.  We help leaders, teams and teammates play in this new reality. We help bring the whole human to work. In this brave new world, work is not drudgery, not a means to an end, but an instrument of self-expression and self-actualization. It is an end in itself. This is what will create extraordinary results and a happier planet. If you feel the call of this brave new world, The Prana Partnership is the ideal partner on your journey. We are about serving and inspiring 21st century leaders, teams and teammates to be their best Self.  Are you ready to be your best Self?