Upcoming Workshop

The Body of a Leader

An “in-the-body” experience of your best self

When: Friday, October 23rd, 2015, (9 am - 6 pm)

Where: Foothills Park, Palo Alto, CA

In today’s ideas-driven world, leaders and professionals influence through the power of words.  But the body of a leader speaks louder than their words. How our physical presence and our actions convey the coherence of our words is what produces followership. Preoccupied with our thoughts and desires, we can find ourselves living in our head, disconnected from the “real” world, where life unfolds. There is a gap between where we are in terms of our desire to lead others, and our ability. Becoming fully present in our body is a powerful way to bridge that gap. Our body is the portal to impactful leadership. To lead others, we must first lead our self, ALL of our self.

“The Body of a Leader” is a highly experiential workshop set in nature, designed to give you an “in-the-body” experience of your best self. You will inhabit your body in a new, yet deeply familiar way. You will experience being fully present to the events of your life. From this presence, new observations and new possibilities for action emerge.  From the wisdom of your body – your gut – you will have the ability to see, decide, act and lead powerfully in a wide variety of situations.

What we will do: The day will unfold through physical movement, personal reflection, group exercises & discussion, connecting with nature, and more

What you will take away: A “felt sense” of what it is like to be your best self. Deepen your experience of the vitality, wisdom, capacity and peace that is within you. Strengthen your ability to not just think better, but to be and do more. Embody the ability to lead with greater presence and effectiveness

meet the facilitators

Gonzalo Cordova is a facilitator of personal and organizational transformational processes. He was born in Mexico City and has been living in San Francisco with his family for more than 15 years. He is a Certified Coach from Newfield Network, and is also certified by the International Coaching Federation (PCC Level). He is committed to helping his clients develop themselves in the personal and organizational domains. Music, movement and nature are some of things that inspire him. He is the Program Director for Body and Movement (an advanced coach training program with Newfield Network) and Founder of Newfield Network Mexico. He is one of the most gifted and original facilitators in the increasingly recognized discipline of somatic learning and transformation (learning and transformation of the Self through the movement of the body). Through BeingLab, he is making the wisdom of this discipline more and more accessible to coaches and business leaders alike. http://www.bodyandmovementprogram.com

Vikas Bhatia is an experienced executive with an extensive track record in Marketing, Analytics, Strategy & Operations at Fortune 100 organizations. He now runs The Prana Partnership, a human development organization focused on personal and organizational leadership and transformation. Vikas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from IIT, Bombay and an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad, both elite, world-ranked institutions for higher education in India. Vikas has also graduated from the coach training program at Newfield Network, a premier institution in the field of coaching and transformation. He has been an active student of leadership, human potential and transformation since 2007. His focus is to bring about the synthesis of mind, body and spirit to help his clients embody a powerful leadership presence to create exquisite results and deep personal satisfaction. His commitment is to inspire and serve people and teams that wish to be their best Self.

Elisa Canova is the founder of Artemis Coaching and works with clients on a global basis that are successful, intentional, driven, thoughtful, and have a sense that something more is available.  Elisa brings a 15-year study of human potential and is passionate about facilitating transformation so that her clients achieve extraordinary outcomes and attain peak performance.  She guides her clients to be the best versions of themselves in the areas that matter most to them, and generates results that are measurable and sustainable.

Known for integrity and a deep commitment to her clients and their success, Elisa’s background includes over 20 years in management consulting with expertise in strategic analysis, creating competitive advantage, and improving operational efficiency.  She has advised clients from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies to help them maximize business performance, and leverages the full range of her experience when working with coaching clients.

Elisa holds a MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia, a BA in Psychology from Oberlin College, and is a graduate of the Newfield Network coach training program and the Newfield Body and Movement advanced coaching and leadership program.  She has worked and studied in Sweden, Poland, Norway, Italy, and France.  She loves the great outdoors, exercise, meditation, reading, international travel, and last but definitely not least, being with her family.



What is the belief behind this workshop?

To us it seems a truism that the rigors of modern life extract a lot and leave us disconnected from, well, life itself. The constant pressures and frantic pace leave little time to take care of mind, body and spirit. And yet, our entire experience of life itself is through the trifecta of mind, body and spirit. We believe that the quality of our life and that of our leadership depends on this trifecta being healthy and tuned. However, life keeps hurtling along and we keep flowing with it, like in a trance. If we want to enjoy our life, be there for the people that matter to us, while productively pursuing our aspirations, if we want to live life fully rather than on auto-pilot, we need to take charge of our mind, body and spirit. We have crafted this workshop to serve your desire and enhance your ability to be fully present to your life.

What can you hope to get from attending this workshop? What is the experience like?

Pausing for just one day, being out in nature and undertaking some carefully crafted exercises (physical movement, emotional exploration, and deep mental relaxation) creates for the attendees an evocative taste of a Way of Being that we all wish to have more of in our daily life: of being more, of being present, of being connected to something larger than ourselves. You will feel physically refreshed, mentally relaxed and emotionally connected. Even just the one day experience will awaken energy, produce vitality, bring peace, and arouse curiosity for how you can have more of all this in your life more regularly. It will create in you a desire to walk the path you find yourself on with joy, purpose and peace. And it will create in you the ability to do exactly that.

Who would benefit from attending this workshop?

This workshop is aimed at ultra-busy professionals whether in early or advanced stage of their careers. Some of us have the added pressure of being the sandwich generation taking care of our kids and parents, making for an impossibly hectic life. Everyone can benefit from this experience of rediscovering or refreshing their relationship with their mind, body and spirit. Whether you are already adept at stress-busting practices, or are curious about it, or simply trying to find a way of coping with this complex, fast-paced world we live in, the “The Body of a Leader” workshop is going to be a delightful guidepost on your journey.


“In this crazy hectic world of technology and business, we are so often driven by doing that we forget our being.  Attending the workshop with Vikas and Gonzalo was a life-changer.  It brought me back to the core of what it is to be living and to practice being present in the here and now.  It taught me gratitude that I am consciously sharing with my kids.” – Angela Song, VP, Product Operations, PayPal

"I had a great experience at the workshop. The location set the tone and the exercises were very intriguing and engaging. I was surprised at how effective the workshop was in getting me to be more in touch with myself and the world around me. I would recommend it to anyone interested in mindfully coping with the stress and franticness of life." – Prasad Tadimeti, Sr. HR Director, Silicon Valley

One attendee said, “The workshop hit the “reset” button for me. I was able to let go of the unhelpful things I had acquired over time.” Another attendee said, “I am a very conscious person, and have daily practices for staying present and connected to myself. Attending your program, I realized how removed I had gradually become from what was once possible for me. I am happy to get this refreshing reminder to get back.”