"Vikas brings a visionary and pragmatic approach to his work.  He is a brilliant problem solver who understands what inspires people to deliver their best. He integrates Eastern spirituality with the Western focus on quick, meaningful results. He has studied at the best educational institutions in the world and has worked at leading innovative and highly successful companies. And he has studied coaching and organizational transformation with the world’s best somatic and heart-based teachers.  In a nutshell, he is the full package. I highly recommend him for your coaching, training and consulting needs."  

Sartaj Alag, COO, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


"Vikas is a talented executive who is especially good at coaching/development.  During his time on my team at Capital One, I was impressed with Vikas's skills.  HIs ability to "get" people, understand where they need to improve, and help them move in the right direction stands out when compared to other executives I have worked with.  Vikas is an excellent choice as a coach/mentor for professionals that are serious about improvement."

 Rob Finnegan, former Senior Vice President at Capital One, currently Partner at Second Order Solutions


“I worked with Vikas as a colleague when he was a Business executive and I have closely witnessed his transformation to a leadership coach. In both roles, he was an evangelist for personal and organizational excellence. He was an inspirational practitioner who has become an insightful coach. For corporate leaders, Vikas is a thought partner who has been on their side of the table and that makes his perspective that much richer and the proposed actions that much more practical. For people and teams wishing to become the best versions of themselves, Vikas is an invaluable asset."

Angela Song, VP, Product Operations, PayPal 


I had the pleasure of working with, and eventually for Vikas during his time at PayPal. I was lucky to get a manager-and-coach in-one. He has a natural ability to connect with people on a deep and authentic level. We were instantly friends with a shared bond of trust and mutual respect. That connection created a space where he could give me honest direct feedback, both positive and critical, and I would receive it openly and make use of it. He taught me to lead "with my spirit" and open up on many levels. I grew a lot being coached by Vikas, and really enjoyed the process. 

Matt Lerner, Director, PayPal